Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is undergoing seismic change. In an age where employees expect the flexibility to work anywhere and on their choice of device, traditional office-based IT systems simply can’t support current ways of working. It’s why an increasing number of businesses are looking to more flexible IT solutions that can be used in a hybrid environment.

Our modern workplace solutions enable your employees to work from anywhere, giving them the freedom and flexibility to be at their most productive. Without the need for additional VPNs or remote desktops, our solutions are built using Microsoft’s intuitive Office 365 and Azure platforms.

Backed by Microsoft Intune – a suite of mobile device policy management tools – all our modern workplace solutions are designed to support your own IT policies and compliance requirements.

Our modern workplace solutions give you:

  • The flexibility to work anywhere
  • A choice of familiar tools, including iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows
  • A simple, secure, unified platform without the need for VPNs or remote access software
  • Self-service registration and easy guided setup for new devices
  • Systematic security audits to check encryption status, anti-virus, and device location