InstantOn IT – our commitment to a Carbon Neutral future

Carbon Neutral Britain

In 2022 InstantOnIT commissioned Carbon Neutral Britain, a leading environmental agency, to do a detailed review of our carbon emissions for the previous year, and to propose investments to offset these emissions in accordance with internationally accepted standards.

Following the review, we are pleased to share that InstantOnIT is now certified as a carbon neutral (in fact carbon negative*) company.

Widely acknowledged as one of the greatest challenges of our times, Climate change is something we all face and feel in our daily lives as well as witnessing the resulting worldwide weather impacts broadcast frequently across the media.

Regrettably, the future prognosis does not appear to be getting better any time soon.

Although perhaps not at the pinnacle of carbon emission industries (transport and heating take top billing), the IT industry has a substantial environmental footprint – as examples, the Internet represents 3.7% of worldwide emissions, and the IT industry consumes 5.6% of all global electricity.

Progressive global IT firms are making significant steps to reduce their own emissions, and as a company, InstantOn IT and our staff, believe everyone can and should seek to play their part in addressing this issue including all companies operating in the IT industry. Our intention in implementing this is to help (in a small way) to correct this and to demonstrate to our clients and employees our commitment in this area. We recognise the need for a collective and professional effort to reduce carbon emissions, so we partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to measure and offset our own carbon footprint.

Following their review, we invested in offsetting CO2e emissions via their Woodland Fund Portfolio of verified offsetting projects around the world – these include 7 projects of which the following 3 are examples and further details can be found here:

Marston Vale Forest Creation – England

Over 2 million trees have been planted to transform the landscape, improve the air quality, lock up carbon, reduce flooding and provide sustainable raw materials.

Nicaforest Reforestation Programme – Nicaragua

360,000 trees have been planted across 4 different farms on over 490 hectares of land and have created a sustainable Shared Benefit Scheme by working closely with local landowners and farmers. Additional benefits of this programme include the creation of jobs, strengthening of food security and the enhancement of native bio-diversity and wildlife.

Reforestation on Degraded Land – Uruguay

21,298 hectares of land previously used for beef cattle grazing for over 300 years has been turned into sustainable managed forests.
Creation of employment is a key social benefit of this project.

We will to continue to refine our support for the carbon neutral programmes in which we invest as well as seeking to improve our working processes to minimise any environmental impact across our business. If you wish to find out more please email us at [email protected]

(*Following Carbon Neutral Britain’s review we decided to double our offsetting investment enabling InstantOn IT to be ‘carbon negative’).