Instant On IT published in the barrister magazine’s Easter issue

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There may well have been a time when there was little chance of you or your chambers being targeted to gain access to data or finances, but unfortunately those days are long gone. And yet, being custodian of your client’s data is expected and even taken for granted (…)

In the Easter issue of the barrister magazine features our most recent article on data breach, written by Paul Coote, Instant On IT Founder and M.D. Taking a real-life case study as example, our article demonstrates how a data breach can be cleverly engineered by sophisticated hackers and create serious and long-lasting damage for the victim organisation.

In order to avoid such breaches, it is key that chambers and barristers, as well as other businesses beyond the legal sector, make significant steps towards a robust IT security plan. We suggest a combination of security audits via industry standards such as Cyber Essentials, providing ongoing training sessions (on latest trends in phishing, for example) and security tools like two-factor authentication.


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